Asset Maintenance

Enterprise asset management enables companies to drive maintenance best practices and manage the full asset lifecycle with a complete view of all types of assets and equipment.

Asset Management Across Industries

Manage all types of assets within a single repository, whether you own assets across multiple industries, or diverse assets.

  • Support assets, including fixed plant, mobile, infrastructure, and linear with a strong foundation and flexible framework
  • Measure asset performance in a single view and repository with self-service applications
  • Move from reactive maintenance mode to preventive and condition-based maintenance
  • Define, organize, and track failure metrics and history with unique capabilities

Lean Maintenance and Quality Compliance

Balance production throughput with overhead and ensure lean operations at every site.

  • Standardize maintenance best practices and performance reporting for a better, more consistent view of asset productivity
  • Maintain the history of asset transactions that occur in other modules

Maintenance Cost Management

Improve return on capital assets by integrating physical and financial aspects and supporting deep collaboration between project lifecycle and service lifecycle operations.

  • Estimate costs based on material, labor, and equipment requirements
  • Generate and track actual costs and capture and retain work history to make informed decisions about future maintenance work
  • Conduct asset deployment transactions such as move, reinstatement, retire, and other transactions

Asset Tracking

Ideal for capital-intensive companies, our comprehensive asset lifecycle tracking solution provides tracking, visibility, and control of globally dispersed assets.

Asset Visibility and Tracking

Seamless integration with our operational and financial applications enables users to gain better visibility and accurate, timely, updates of assets.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of assets and their configurations in the field or warehouse
  • Manage a wide range of physical information such as quantity, serial numbers, location, and usage

Asset Creation and Updates

Reduce the need for manual intervention in the asset creation process and ensure that an asset’s location and status are up to date and accurate.

  • Cost deviations can be easily captured and set, providing comprehensive financial information
  • Track and maintain the history of asset transactions that occur in other modules

Procure-to-Retire Process

Manage the entire, end-to-end asset lifecycle process.

  • Conduct asset deployment transactions such as move, reinstatement, recycle, and retire
  • Manage asset transfers between internal organizations and replacement or loaner assets
  • Support capitalize on issue (COI) business processes with sales order shipment flow