They are the commercial products that connect your wire and conduit. They are the lights that let you keep working. To some, they are basic equipment. To us, they are what keeps you and your job site safe, stocked and efficient. 

Build, maintain or expand top quality electrical infrastructure with the most durable commercial electrical products

The Best Products. The Best Service.

Our durable commercial boxes are constructed with consistency for easy installation.

Fittings for electrical metallic tubing are available in both steel and zinc, in a compression or set-screw design.

Ensure safe electrical service in areas exposed to weather, water, oil, dirt and other contaminants.

Threaded and set screw type conduit bodies for pulling, splicing and maintaining wiring.

U-bolts, straps and innovative pipe hangers designed to simplify installation.

Threaded and threadless, insulated or noninsulated, watertight or general purpose conduit fittings.

A range of solutions for weatherproof and dustproof requirements.

Easy to install cord and cable fittings built to withstand the stresses and strains concentrated at termination points

Industrial lighting solutions illuminate everything from large warehouses, sports fields and parking structures to workspaces and temporary job sites

Everything the contractor needs to bring electricity into the building while keeping the weather out.

Finishing touches for a safe and reliable electrical installation.