Now you can visit shops and bank online safely.

We block malicious websites and stop them tricking you into doing something they want which allows them to steal your data!

Clearsight Premium Internet Security checks websites for risks on both your computer and will alert you if its found on our dangerous database. Our Real-time scanner also scans any files open so you can be confident to shop and bank online safely online.

Protection against the internet bad guys

Complete Internet Security made to keep you safe


Scans and protects your computer in real-time


Integrated Intrusion Protection Windows Firewall Control


Stop unauthorized USB device usage on your pc


Automatic update of program engine without intervention

Block hackers from getting onto your computer

Stop hackers trying to remotely access your computer Remote access attacks are becoming more common and the last thing you want is for someone else to hack you and to remotely take control of your PC or for them to infect it with malware or lock your all your important files with ransomware. Clearsight Premium Internet Security protects your PC against such attacks.

We deliver something that makes your life easier with new threat-detection methods that are faster and simple to use.

Our new interface is easy to navigate and not full of complicated terms and settings. Our intelligent products protections you from threats silently without affecting your computer performance.