Low Productivity, Absenteeism, Inadequate skills, Excuses, Sick/Annual leave replacements, Hiring Challenges, Supervision issues?

These are common issues in IT departments at most of the organizations.  Further, Overheads & Indirect costs ride heavily above employee salaries. All these factors take away quality time of CIOs & Senior Managers making them spend late evenings & weekends in office while struggling to cope up with their most important responsibilities towards organization’s business Objectives.

  • Availability of skilled IT Manpower resources

    Availability of skilled IT Manpower resources in the areas of Help Desk, IT Support, Data-center Administration, Network & Telecom Administration, Information Security Management, Database Administration, Oracle, .Net, SharePoint, Web, Mobile Apps development as well as  Project, Program & Portfolio management.

  • Short Term & Long term resource deployments

    Short Term & Long term resource deployments; Onsite, offsite or combination of Onsite & Offsite.

  • Avoidance of problems

    Avoidance of problems associated with recruitment, training & retention of people.

  • Get relieved!

    Get relieved of functions related to Visa, Labor, Medical tests, Insurance, HR, Administration, Salary processing, Leave management, Air Bookings, Reimbursements, Tool kits etc. related to IT Manpower.

  • Productivity

    Improved IT users’ productivity & Satisfaction.

  • Speed

    Faster resolution to IT related incidents.

  • Availability

    Improved Business systems availability.