ProtxL (protects-all) is a total system cleanliness program of oil & fuel filtration using PAO high thermally stable oil for the entire machine inventory to maintain the design function of the injection system and piston rings – resulting in optimum engine performance, machine availability, significantly extended engine life, optimum fuel economy and significantly reduced oil consumption.

This oil management program is designed for the entire machine inventory and does not void new engine warranty and costs about 67% less than the standard oil and filter change.

It is particulate, carbon, water and acid contamination that primarily accelerates oil oxidation and engine wear. ProtxL fuel filtration removes 100% of heavy and emulsified moisture to break the oil acid cycle – so the oil additive package including Total Base Number (TBN) is conserved.

Always Clean Diesel Fuel
Even Cleaner Engine Oil

Diesel engine manufacturer’s equipment in Africa must meet additional customer and industry’s expectations for more energy efficient, and lower equipment maintenance cost standards.

With knowledge of the industry requirements and our expertise in filtration systems, we are able to take a systems approach to provide complete solutions that improve equipment reliability and maintainability.

We love to hear how we can help you to improve the service to your customers.

ProtxL for Power Generation

A ProtxL module on an Ansaldo steam turbine 100Meg ($100Million with 16,000 litres of synthetic oil) reduced oil moisture from 557ppm down to 38ppm in 4 days. ProtxL enables Power house diesel engines to operate on 3,000 hour extended oil change.

Products Facts

Client no longer requires different types of filters for oil and fuel in the stores. A  single application to incorporate the same fuel and oil size systems so that the filtration elements are interchangeable, is designed. This reduces the client’s financial exposure considerably.

Operational Cost reduction on diesel engines: Between 52% & 65% 65%
Fuel Savings: Minimum of 5% 5%
Waste Hydrocarbon Savings: 80% + 80%
Increased Machine Availability: Between 90% & 98% 98%

Reduce your cost of operations:
Oil filtration by minimum of 50%.
Oil supply by minimum of 50%.
Fuel filtration results in 5% fuel saving.
Decrease service requirements by as much as 75%.
Reduced downtime while extending your engine life
Create a greener profile and play your part to a cleaner world.

ProtxL for Telecommunications

The tyranny of distance makes it an incredibly expensive and unnecessary exercise of doing a regular 250 hour oil change on hundreds of thousands of diesel gen-set transmitters that form the mobile phone networks in Africa, India, South America and the Middle East. The ProtxL1,000 hour oil and filter service is the new telco mobile phone industry standard.

Environmental Ally

  • +80 % Reduction in Engine Lubrication Oil Usage

  • +50 % Reduction of Particulate CO2*

  • +5 % Reduction in Fuel Consumption

  • Productive use of Energy with Optimized Engine Performance

  • A Cleaner Environment from Cleaner Fuel Combustion

  • Typically no more Black Carbon Exhaust

ProtxL for Mining

Machine availability and performance is critical to achieve production targets. ProtxL maintains the highest oil and diesel cleanliness standard every day of the year sufficient to break the engine oil acid cycle and stop varnish. The haul truck +1,000 hour extended oil and filter service increases machine availability and reduces the cost of repairs and down –time, while increasing production.


Module dimensions are available on request and based on desired configuration. Modules can be supplied with electric / diesel motor pump assemblies, relief valve, manifolds and installation connections.

Note: When sizing your Oil / fuel filter always go to the next specified size up when above the HP / Lpm rating of the nearest filter.

Example 1 – 420 HP rated engine would use a P800HP filter as this provides maximum efficiency and filter life.

Example 2 – 5 LPM flow rates would use a PF8LPM filter as this provides maximum efficiency and filter life.

ProtxL for Marine

For the last 13 years the entire 70 vessel diesel engine inventory of Kailis Marine has operated on approximately 3,000 hours extended service on the main engines. They were surprised with V2 92 TA & V8 TA Detroit Diesel engines that run 2,000 hours on zero soot readings and only slight soot readings occurring up to 2,500 hours. On Captain Cook Cruises the fuel pumps are serviced every 15,000 hours and injectors every 7,500 hours.

As by-pass oil and fuel filtration does not void OEM engine warranty WGPL recommend that tenders for supply of all machinery specify “best practise” of 1,000 hour extended oil and filter service based on initial progressive 250 hour oil analysis.